IN MEMORY (2016 - 2023)

Lacey was my love dog and the reason I do these sessions. 

We got Lacey from a breeder in Nova Scotia at 3 months old. She had so much love to give to everyone, not a single person didn't love her. Every day with Lacey was a gift, she made our hearts sing, put a smile on our faces and made sure we knew she loved us just as much as we loved her.

I took so many photos of her but I wish I had someone to capture the details and the connection between us because as much as I didn't want to admit it, sometimes things can happen fast.

On June 26th, 2023 at 7 years old Lacey unexpectedly passed away peacefully at home. It broke me, but these sessions are my last gift to her.

This experience has allowed me to support others going through the same grief and that was her last gift to me.

I wanted to create a session that would help normalize the grief we feel after losing a pet and I want to be there as support to families going through this difficult time. These sessions are very dear to my heart, as I lost two of my own in November 2016 & June 2023.

These sessions will provide you with tangible memories of their personality, face, paws, nose, eyelashes, and most importantly, the way they look at you. The photographs will be something you can cherish, long after those details fade from your memory.

Sessions are by donation only.
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Those who know me know that I absolutely adore my dog, Harley. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with Spontaneous Pneumothorax at the end of September.

I stumbled across Samantha’s post one day about “end-of-life” sessions, I reluctantly booked a session not knowing if Harley would make it or not.

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